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June 2024 Update

Thank you to everyone who have been reaching out via the telephone to members of Congress and asking them to please support the expansion of RECA to include the people of New Mexico and beyond by voting in support of Senate Bill S.3853. We understand they are feeling the pressure. Please call every day and ask your family and friends to do the same.

Now is not the time to back off!

House Republican leadership has let us down. They have so far refused to bring any bill that would expand RECA to include the people of New Mexico and beyond to the House floor for a vote. We are told the bill would pass if brought to the floor for a vote. The bill has passed in the Senate by a bipartisan vote of 69 to 30 and President Biden has issued a Statement of Support letting everyone know he will sign the bill into law if it passes the House. It is now up to Speaker Johnson to do the right thing.

The RECA program expired on June 7, 2024. We believe the House Republican Leadership thought we’d give up this fight if they let the program expire but we know better. The RECA offices remain open as they adjudicate claims that were filed before the program sunset. This allows us time to get the expansion of RECA passed but there is no time to waste.

You can make a difference in this fight. All you have to do is call Speaker Johnson at 202-225-4000 and tell the staff person who answers how important it is to you that they pass the RECA expansion found in Senate bill S. 3853 that would include the people of New Mexico. Tell them why this is important to you. If you are a registered Republican tell them that too. They need to know that when Speaker Johnson refuses to allow a vote on S. 3853, they are letting down a lot of Republicans including you and your family.

You can also call Leader Scalise at 202-225-3015 and Representative Jim Jordan at 202-225-2676 and ask them to fully support S. 3853 the expansion of RECA for the same reasons as you’ve shared with the Speakers office. These calls are vitally important. Emails are almost impossible to send unless you live in their Congressional district and conventional mail rarely gets to their offices. Making phone calls is the most effective way to outreach and get your message across.

If no one answers and you have to leave a message, make sure to say what you would say if you were speaking to a person. Don’t expect them to call you back. And keep calling.

We can’t let up now!


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