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On July 27, 2023, the US Senate passed the RECA amendments as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would add the Downwinders of New Mexico and the Post 71 uranium miners/workers to the fund for the first time ever. In doing so, Senators Ben Ray Lujan (D) New Mexico, Mike Crapo (R) Idaho, and Josh Hawley (R) Missouri were able to work in a bipartisan fashion to pass this nonpartisan bill that will also add the States of Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Guam and all of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah for the first time. The bill will deliver justice to people who’ve waited as long as 78 years as is the case in New Mexico.

The Senate NDAA and the House NDAA will now go through the reconciliation process. The House bill does not currently have the RECA amendments included.

H.R.4426 Current Status

It is imperative that everyone across the country reach out to their members of the House Find Your Representative | and ask them to support adding the RECA amendments to the NDAA to mirror what was passed in the Senate.

We encourage everyone to reach out to:

Senator Lujan at 202-224-6621 Home - Senator Ben Ray Luján (

Senator Hawley 202-224-6154 Josh Hawley | United States Senator for Missouri (,

Senator Schumer 202-224-6542

Speaker McCarthy 202-225-4000 Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Jim Jordan 202-225-2676

Ask them to make certain the reconciled NDAA contains the RECA amendments as passed in the Senate with no changes.

Members of the House can be part of the winning process that is now underway to pass the RECA amendments or they can be forever known as those who blocked justice for the people of the American West who were so horribly damaged as our government mined uranium and conducted above ground atomic/nuclear tests beginning with Trinity and subsequently at the Nevada Test Site.

For more information, visit our RECA/Our Cause page.

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