Trinity Downwinders: 75 Years And Waiting

TBDC to host virtual event recognizing the 75th Anniversary of the Trinity Test. Here is the link to the video.
"Report From Santa Fe" with Lorene Mills - see interview with Tina Cordova on PBS Here!
For a list of other events scheduled around the 75th anniversary, go to our Events page or our 75 Years page.


Members of the TBDC Steering Committee have completed a letter to the US Congressional Leadership requesting that they add the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) Amendments in House Bill, HR 3783 to any of the upcoming COVID-19 relief bills under consideration.  Over 120 organizations from all across the country, Canada, Guam and the Pacific Islands have signed onto the letter in support.  Please see the full letter here.

The Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium was started in 2005 by Tina Cordova and Fred Tyler along with other residents of Tularosa to compile data on the cancers and other diseases that plague the communities surrounding the Trinity Test on July 16, 1945. 

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