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Upcoming TBDC Events

Trinity Downwinders: 78 Years And Waiting










Past Events

75th Commemoration Events for Trinity, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Prepared by Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium

July 9, 2020



Reported Media


7/2/20     Desert Exposure, “Introducing the Atomic Age: The day the sun rose twice, 75 years ago,”,4279


7/11 – 7/13/20 “Report from Santa Fe” with Lorene Mills. Tina Cordova, Co-founder, Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium (TBDC)


7/12 – 7/13 Albuquerque Journal two-part series on the Manhattan Project and Its Legacy


7/13/20 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, USA (WILPF US) sponsored webinar: "Radioactive New Mexico, From Trinity to Now.”


Upcoming Webinars/Zooms


7/15 – 7/16      A Day of Prayer for Forgiveness and Protection at the Trinity Site, by The Center for Christian Non-Violence.

           Wed. 7/15
             5:30 pm    Zoom meeting begins for the 24-hour event
             6:00 pm    Mass live streamed from vigil site, F. Simon Carlan, OSF
             7:00 pm    Invitation to pray and reflect, repeated on the hour

                    - 20 minutes to say the Rosary

                    - 20 minutes of silence and/or bring your own spiritual practice

                    - 20 minutes of video excerpts from topics on the creation and                         detonation of the first nuclear bomb in history

            This hourly cycle is repeated at the top of every hour rotating the

            Mysteries of the Rosary, silent time, and the video content up to

            Detonation Time. The cycle resumes at 6:00 am after the

            observance of Detonation Time.
          Th. 7/16
             5:00 am Detonation Time Preparation and Countdown

             5:29:45 am Detonation Time, Detonation Observance, Song   

                 & Prayer
             6:00 pm Mass live streamed from vigil site, Fr. Simon Carian, OSF
             7:00 pm Day of Prayer closes


Wed. 7/15      8 pm MDT - Int’l Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons After Trinity: 75 years of resistance webinar with Tina Cordova, TBDC.


Th. 7/16      9 am MDT - Trinity Downwinders: 75 Years and Still Waiting, zoom event of the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium
                  11 am MDT - Global Online Launch of the first Uranium Atlas: Facts and Data about the Raw Material of the Atomic Age,


Sun. 8/2      3 pm MDT - Veterans for Peace Virtual 2020 Convention New Mexico Plenary with Tina Cordova, TBDC, and Joni Arends, CCNS


Th. 8/6      6 pm MDT - Pace e Bene 75 th Anniversary Hiroshima Day One-Hour Online Commemoration.


Th. 8/6      #still here: 75 Years of Shared Nuclear Legacy -


Sun. 8/9     4 pm MDT - “The Bomb: Understanding its History and the Hope for a Nuclear-Free Future,” with James Nolan, author of Atomic Doctors, at City Lights Bookstore webinar.
                  4 pm MDT - Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom USA (WILPF US) “ One Sunny Day, Remembering Hiroshima" webinar featuring author and Hiroshima survivor, Dr. Hideko Tamura Snider.
                And check out the WILPF US 75th Anniversary Timeline to discover information about key events in 1945, which was the year both the United Nations and nuclear weapons were created.


Sun. 8/9     #still here: 75 Years of Shared Nuclear Legacy -

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